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The international on the net network for metal production and processing. Machine robustness, accuracy, and the availability of tooling and spare components on brief notice are vital elements to ensure customers meet their production demands without having downtime. Get in touch with us right now for extra solution specifications and literature or to partner with our knowledgeable Additioneers to identify the machine most effective suited for your tube forming requires. In addition to the completely automatic models listed above, Addition also presents two semi-automatic models which are extremely repeatable and best for prototype development and quick run production for industries such as aircraft, automotive, and HVAC.

This solution line involves gear for diameters up to nearly 6” (150mm) and can be constructed to either Addition regular specifications or a consumer-particular style. Addition offers a assortment of tube bending machines for mid-range diameters from 76mm (3”) to 114mm (four.5”). Made to bend complex tube shapes, these machines are primarily based on years of verified technologies that is acknowledged globally for its reliability, accuracy, repeatability, and control.

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Our bending machines are also used in a number of other industries to manufacture tubular components for energy generation, hospital equipment, furnishings, toy manufacture, nuclear power, retail displays, and supermarket and airport trolleys and carts. Addition presents a assortment of tube bending machines which provide superior productivity, element high quality, and reliability for tube bending up to 152mm (6”) diameter.

We are a worldwide Manufacturing Technologies firm.

Addition Manufacturing Technologies recognizes that the integrated globe demands that providers operate seamlessly on a global scale while delivering locally in customers’ markets. Addition gives an revolutionary answer for the bending and notching of shallow bend tubes. Addition’s ram extrusion machine has a larger throughput, quick alter tooling, and high accessibility for the operator, creating an intuitive ram extrusion machine with reduced cycle time, custom sequence” program modifications, and speedy set-up for minimal mechanical changeover. The Addition Swift Adjust Tooling Method reduces the man energy and time needed for tooling changeover on bending machines.

These bending machines are designed for higher efficiency and significant reductions in tube wastage, especially for the truck exhaust industry. The mark consists of the stylized text “ADDITION MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES”. Our single goal is to give makers the globe more than with the most advanced, effective, and safest manufacturing equipment, systems and technologies that human ingenuity, imagination and challenging perform can devise.

Speak to us nowadays for extra solution specifications and literature or to partner with our skilled employees to decide the machine finest suited for your tube forming requires. Addition delivers a full solution line of AddisonMckee pipe bending machines which are specifically made and manufactured for the production of metallic tubular elements ranging in diameter from 90 mm (3.54”) to 220 mm (8.66”).

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We are one organization, united in the pursuit of our mutual objectives, and prepared to take on the demands of a worldwide market. We also deliver a complete array of bending machine tooling options for this variety of tube diameters which incorporates single-stack or multi-stack multi-radius bend dies, with single or complicated compounds, and consumables such as mandrel components and wiper inserts. Addition presents a variety of AddisonMckee endforming machines made to use a sequenced vice and ram tool to carry out expanding, reducing, beading, flaring, or doming operations.

Addition Manufacturing Technologies – Contact us nowadays for much more product specifications and literature or to partner with our experienced employees to decide the machine finest suited for your tube forming requires.

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